About brand

Are you curious about what hides behind the Julkar brand?

Julkar is my personal brand, which consists of the first 3 letters of my name and the first 3 letters of my surname. Now you're probably wondering what my name and surname are, right? Let's take a guess? Without wasting any more both time - my name is Julius, and I'll leave my surname to your speculation, ha.

So, continuing about the Julkar brand, when I started creating handmade bracelets and necklaces, the demand grew and I needed more hands to help. That's why I expanded my team with a few creative individuals, and together we made variety of different bracelets and necklaces. To diversify our collection, we started crafting handmade linen bow ties, cufflinks, and pocket squares.

Julkar handmade jewelry and accessories will give you uniqueness, a sense of luxury and accentuate your outlook on life. Many customers have thanked us for establishing valuable connections, receiving positive attention, and increased self-confidence. Don't just believe what I write, try, and experience it for yourselves.

Julkar wish you a beautiful, meaningful, and fulfilling life with fashionable sense and confidence!